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The Malayalam Wikipedia (Malayalam: മലയാളം വിക്കിപീഡിയ) is the Malayalam edition of Wikipedia, a free and publicly editable online encyclopedia, and was launched on December 21, 2002. The project is the leading Wikipedia among other South East Asian language Wikipedias in various quality matrices.[1] It has grown to be a wiki containing more than 54,000 articles as of March 2018[update].[2]



Malayalam language Wikipedia is available in the domain from 2002 December 21. User Vinod M. P. had taken initiatives for it. For the two years following its creation, he had been the key person striving to keep the wiki active. Almost all the early users of Malayalam Wikipedia were non-resident Malayalees. The growth of the Wikipedia during these times was heavily constrained due to OS and browser related issues, rendering issues, Unicode related issues, and so on.

Initial growth phase[edit]

By the middle of 2004, unicode and input tools had become popular. Blogging in Malayalam became widespread. Wikipedians started to use these tools and the Wikipedia reached 100 articles by December 2004. More users joined by the middle of 2005 and the wiki had its first sysop by September 2005. He became the first bureaucrat of the wiki after a month and the wiki became self-sufficient in terms of administration.

The year 2006 saw a number of users joining the wiki, following the widespread usage of Malayalam computing tools. 500th article was born on April 10, 2006; the following September the article count reached 1000. On January 15, 2007, this became 2000 and on June 30 it became 3000.

Media coverage and increased growth[edit]

The first major Media coverage about the Malayalam Wikipedia was on September 2, 2007, when Malayalam daily newspaper Mathrubhumi covered Malayalam Wikipedia project extensively in its Sunday Supplement.[3] This generated significant interest in the Wikipedia project and large number of users joined the project and started to contribute.[4] The subsequent growth was exponential.

While the article count increased, extreme care was taken to maintain the quality of articles. The page depth of the wiki remains high at 301 (as of March 2010[update]).[5] When the Wikipedia crossed 10,000 articles on June 1, a number of print and online newspapers covered the story.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16] Recently, a Malayalam newspaper 'Madhyamam' spent an editorial for the contributors of Malayalam Wikipedia.[17] The mobile version of the Malayalam Wikipedia was launched on February 2010.

Fonts and input methods[edit]

Although many Malayalam Unicode fonts are available for old and new Malayalam lipi, most users opt for fonts like AnjaliOldLipi, Rachana and Meera which follows the traditional Malayalam writing style. Early editors adopted specialized Malayalam Unicode input tools based on the Varamozhi keyboard, a phonetic transliteration device. The project has an inbuilt input tool integrated to it.malayalam is now losing its population because all the population is using english as a medium of communication.

Users and editors[edit]

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Malayalam language, member of the South Dravidian subgroup of the Dravidian language family. Malayalam is spoken mainly in India, where it is the official language of the state of Kerala and the union territory of Lakshadweep. It is also spoken by bilingual communities in contiguous parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In the early 21st century, Malayalam was spoken by more than 35 million people.

Malayalam has three important regional dialects and a number of smaller ones. There is some difference in dialect along social, particularly caste, lines. As a result of these factors, the Malayalam language has developed diglossia, a distinction between the formal, literary language and colloquial forms of speech.

Malayalam evolved either from a western dialect of Tamil or from the branch of Proto-Dravidian from which modern Tamil also evolved. The earliest record of the language is an inscription dated to approximately 830 ce. An early and extensive influx of Sanskrit words influenced the Malayalam script. Known as Koleluttu (“Rod Script”), it is derived from the Grantha script, which in turn is derived from Brahmi. Koleluttu has letters to represent the entire corpus of sounds from both Dravidian and Sanskrit.

Like the Dravidian languages generally, Malayalam has a series of retroflex consonants (/ḍ/, /ṇ/, and /ṭ/) made by curling the tip of the tongue back to the roof of the mouth. It uses subject–object–verb word order and has a nominative-accusative case-marking pattern. Its pronominal system has “natural” gender, a form that marks the gender of humans masculine or feminine while designating all nonhuman nouns as neuter. Inflection is generally marked via suffixation. Unlike other Dravidian languages, Malayalam inflects its finite verb only for tense—not for person, number, or gender.

The earliest extant literary work in Malayalam is Ramacharitam, an epic poem written in the late 12th or early 13th century. In the subsequent centuries, besides a popular pattu (“song”) literature, there flourished a literature of mainly erotic poetry composed in the manipravalam (“ruby coral”) style, an admixture of Malayalam and Sanskrit.

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