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Whether you are a student who wants to check your essay to ensure it is 100% plagiarism-free before turning it in, or a teacher who needs a reliable tool for checking students’ assignments for plagiarism, is the perfectfree, web-based tool.. The ideal alternative to the popular plagiarism scanner "Turn It In," our service is easier-to-use, 100% free for both students and teachers, and scans papers against a huge database of millions of published works. However, unlike TurnItIn, PlagTracker is completely FREE to use!

Are You a Student or a Teacher?

PlagTracker is a versatile online tool that meets the diverse needs of both students and teachers.

For students, offers:

  • An easy way to ensure your paper is 100% original so you won't get in trouble
  • A free online tool for checking your papers (why pay money to use TurnItIn or WriteCheck?)
  • Peace of mind

For teachers, offers:

  • A fast, easy method for scanning students' papers for plagiarism violations
  • Free plagiarism checking (TurnItIn licensing for colleges and universities is expensive)
  • Accurate plagiarism scanning against a huge database of millions of published works

No Download Necessary

Because PlagTracker's plagiarism checker is a web-based tool, you never have to download any software or waste time registering an account. It doesn't matter what system you have. Plagtracker is an online checker that you can use on both Mac and PC. Just click here, insert your text, and instantly run a comprehensive plagiarism scan. In one minute or less, you will receive a free, detailed, and easy-to-understand plagiarism report. It's fast and easy!

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PlagTracker vs. TurnItIn: Side-by-Side Comparison

We have already told you why is great for both students and teachers, but how does it compare to TurnItIn or WriteCheck? Plagtracker’s plagiarism checker has the same functionality, but it’s totally FREE! See for yourself. Try Plagtracker NOW, the best alternative plagiarism checker.

We Value Your Privacy

At, we take your privacy very seriously. This is why we protect all of your data with the latest encoding and data security methods. Your papers are never saved or stored anywhere, and we never track your actions. Your privacy is always protected!


PlagTracker reviewed by Natalie Houston on . Our college professor suggested that we use this plagiarism checker as a free alternative to TurnItIn. It catches plagiarism in all types of written documents. Rating: 5

Coming up with an original and well-structured piece of writing is difficult. There are so many things that need to be taken into account: style, grammar, punctuation, originality, etc. It’s a challenging task for even the most experienced of writers. It has become an unfortunate trend among college and university students to use bootleg content from external sources or the internet and try to pass it as their own. This act is called plagiarism, and it is illegal. Using plagiarised content in an academic paper can have severe consequence for the students involved. The actual persecution types vary from school to school, but the most common one is an automatic failure of the class. Sometimes, the student might even face grounds for expulsion. Unfortunately, statistics show that college plagiarism has risen exponentially in recent years.

There are various reasons why people rely on plagiarised content.

One is the sheer volume of work that needs to be done. Higher education is a daunting task filled with many trials and tribulations. It’s a time of confusion and stress brought on by a sudden change of lifestyle. Students are expected to step into this world and often give up most, if not all, of their free time to study and be excellent. That is all well and good, but in certain cases, that is more than any person is capable of doing. Even if they have no intention of cheating, sometimes, they read something online and forget that it wasn’t their idea. As a result, they add it to their papers and end up with less than a 100% plagiarism free essay.

The second reason is they are just not good at writing, so they employ professional authors to craft the papers for them. These paid services often work on many projects at the same time which results in some content being duplicated. Whether it's a mistake or dishonesty, there is a chance when employing such services to receive duplicate content, resulting in plagiarism. As an extra precaution, never use professional writing services that you don’t personally know are legal. Always use a plagiarism detector before finalizing the purchase to ensure a 100% plagiarism free text.

How Plagiarism Checker Works?

To help teachers and students identify plagiarism, there are a number of plagiarism tools available. These detectors are the bread and butter of academic writing, helping you check essay for plagiarism in a matter of seconds. This plagiarism software scans your document, highlights irregular passages that match sentence syntax and structure with the other materials in its database and shows you exactly where the potentially copied text might have been taken from. A plagiarism report is generated based on the paper submitted. In this report, you’ll be given an exact percentage that shows how much of the text is original.

Don’t worry if 5-7% of the text is flagged; there are millions of essays on a vast variety of topics. You are bound to have had the same thought as someone else at some point. What's important is to be careful with the references used. Sentences and paragraphs shown in red or yellow already belong to someone else. In most cases, you’ll be given a link to the article or website where the paper is located. Avoid paraphrasing the already existing content. It might pass the plagiarism scanner, but a trained professional will be able to know the difference between your writing and someone else’s. Plagiarism software is meant to help students and teachers minimize college plagiarism and check essays for plagiarism, not enable cheating. Running a plagiarism scanner when writing or reviewing a paper is a smart way to avoid unnecessary hassle. Catching potential plagiarism mistakes early can save you a lot of time, energy, and potentially bad grades.

The Purpose of Using Plagiarism Checker

If you suspect someone of plagiarising, don’t rush to conclusions. Make sure they are actually cheating and not just testing a free plagiarism checker for future use. Many teachers introduce these plagiarism tools in class so their students can learn to use them. The intent is to educate students on the consequences of plagiarism, show them how to check their own work safely, and help students identify plagiarism in scholarly articles and essays. Academic writing presupposes making a lot of references. There is no way to write a research paper without relying on at least ten scholarly articles. Reference papers that are cited properly are not considered plagiarism. There are strict guidelines for citations that are taught in school. Learning how to give credit where credit is due in academia and double checking the integrity of your paper with plagiarism detectors will result in a plagiarism free essay. Turn to your professors for more information and guidance.

Aside from teachers and students, some professional authors also rely on plagiarism tools. There is nothing worse than working on a brilliant novel only to get laughed at by publishers for accidentally adding a similar paragraph from another famous book. You can argue that it inspired you, and you were not aware of the mistake, but most publishers will dismiss you for being dishonest. Manually checking a novel is hard work and almost impossible. That’s why plagiarism detectors can generate a report in minutes. Native writers are also not free from the dangers of plagiarism. The English language is tricky, and even if you’re fluent in it, there is no guarantee that your finished text will be 100% original. Whether you felt inspired by a random poem or an article in a journal, there is always the danger of writing someone else’s words in your project.

Using plagiarism software is completely legal and encouraged by both professionals and specialists in many relevant fields. Literature, History, Philosophy, and Psychology are just some of the disciplines that require a lot of writing to be done. Information on plagiarism detection can be found at your local University Writing office where students volunteer for extra credit. Alternatively, you can turn directly to your professors who will direct you to the information you require. You can also order a custom paper with us. We assure you, none of our texts will be plagiarised.

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