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Iran’s tourism is getting better and better every day and it’s barely surprising because Iran is such an amazing country. Iran is amazing not just because it offers a great number of jaw-dropping historic and natural sights such as Persepolis and Badab-e Surt; but it also offers the warmest and friendliest people of the world. The millions of foreign tourists who travel to Iran regard the super hospitable Iranians as the top tourist attraction in Iran. Furthermore, Iran is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world. Iran hotels and Iran tour packages are really cheap and a typical European with an average income can easily afford a trip to Iran with the salary of a single month. The cost of accommodation at Tehran hostels for example ranges between 10 to 15 Euros per night including breakfast and internet. As for Iran's transportation services such as Iran buses, they're also very cheap. Here at Seven Hostels in Iran we are trying our best to make your Iran trip as convenient as possible by getting together the most useful Iran travel guide. The information offered on below pages is about things you should know before travelling to Iran. So, we ask all the incoming tourists to take the time and go through the following links one by one.


Iran 7Coin

No longer is it necessary to bring loads of cash on your trip to Iran. Just apply for Iran 7Coin debit cards and swipe them at all the hotels and restaurants!


Visiting Iran

Worried about travelling to Iran and you think this country is not safe? Read the above article and you'll know the truth.


People in Iran

Read all about the super friendly and hospitable Iranian people and forget about the bitter propaganda your hear on the mainstream media.



Iran Currency

Read all about Iran currency and learn about the exchange rate as well as the difference between Iranian Rial and Toman.



Cities in Iran

Read about cities and towns in Iran and plan your trip to Iran as best as possible.


Iran Airport Visa

Getting the visa on arrival in Iran is a very simple experience; read about the requirements, fees, and more.


Tehran Metro Map

Tehran Metro is the most popular means of public transportation in Iran's capital and you can click above and download its map.


Tehran BRT Bus Lines Map

Tehran BRT Buses are in some ways more preferable than Tehran Metro and help you reach some neighborhoods where there is no metro station.


Driving in Iran

The word crazy is the best word that can describe driving in Iran, but surprisingly you don't see any pedestrian getting hit by the cars!



Iran; No Master or Visa ATMs!

There are many ATMs in Iran that are connected only to the Iranian banking system and It is NOT possible to get cash from them through your Visa or Master Cards.


What is a Hostel?

Backpacking around the world has become a popular trend, and usually backpackers stay at hostels. But, what is a hostel?


Tourism in Iran

The tourism industry in Iran is growing very rapidly and the country's super nice people and amazing nature are not the only factors behind this growth.


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Iran Tourists Transportation

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Ibne Sina Hotel in Isfahan

Located right next to the amazing Jameh Mosque, Ibne Sina Hotel in Isfahan is a great option of accommodation in this historical city in Iran.


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Journey over the 7,000-foot-high Asadabad Pass, the main gateway into western Iran. You’ll visit the remains of the Anahita Temple from the Parthian period (247 B.C.–224 A.D.) in Kangavar before arriving along the ancient Persian trade route in Bisotun to view an ancient inscription — the largest inscription from the Achaemenid period, the first Persian Empire, ever found. Dating to the sixth century B.C., it depicts the Persian King Darius I, victorious in his battle against a Median ruler, and tells the story of his conquests.

Next, visit Hamadan. Some believe the Assyrians first occupied this city in 1100 B.C., but Herodotus says it was the capital of the Medes, an early Iranian people, around 700 B.C. Either way, this lovely city at the base of Mount Alvand attracts many trekkers and other travelers each summer, intent on discovering its Persian secrets.

Visit the ancient excavated site of Ecbatana, the first Median kingdom of Iran. You’ll also see three architecturally beautiful buildings: two churches and the lovely Gonbad-e Alavian, a 12th-century mausoleum whose dome indicates it may have been originally intended as a mosque. You’ll also explore what Judeo-Persians believe to be the tomb of Queen Esther and Mordechai, regarded as the most important pilgrimage site for Iranian Jews. The tour will continue into the crypt, which also contains Hebrew inscriptions and a copy of the Ten Commandments.

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