Was The Containment Policy Successful Essay

Evaluating the Success of America's Policy of Containment of Communism

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Evaluating the Success of America’s Policy of Containment

American policy of containment refers to the foreign policy strategy of the US in the early years of the Cold war. The policy was to defeat the Soviet Union by preventing it from expanding the territories under its Communist control or otherwise extending its influence. This, naturally, resulted in strained relations and rivalry between the two superpowers. Despite the many difficulties, American policy of containment during the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam War did manage to contain the expansion of Communism to a certain extent.

The containment of communism in Korea was successful. The Korean War, which…show more content…

He revived the peace talks and an armistice was eventually signed with a demilitarized zone at the 38th parallel. The end of the Korean War proves the fact that America’s policy of containing Communism was successful.

However, America’s policy of containing the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis was not so successful. In fact, it almost resulted in a nuclear war. The crisis was a tense confrontation between the Soviet Union and United States over the Soviet deployment of nuclear missiles in Cuba. The Cuban Missile Crisis began on October 14, 1962 and lasted until November 20, 1962. It could have resulted in a nuclear war. In April 1961, President Kennedy supplied arms, equipment and transport for some anti-Castro exiles to invade Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro. Castro had overthrown the American backed Batista. The Bay of Pigs incident which was Kennedy’s attempt to oust Communism from Cuba was a disastrous failure. Fidel Castro sought Soviet support; the Soviet Union installed nuclear weapons in Cuba. Finally, Cuba came under the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence; after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Soviet Union arms flooded into Cuba. In May 1962 the Soviet Union announced publicly that they were supplying Cuba with arms. The United States started deploying nuclear missiles near Turkey in 1961, which threatened the Soviet Union. “Soviet reasoning

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United States Containment Policy During The Cold War Essay

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During the Cold War, America's basic policy was that of "containment" of the Soviet Union. The policy of containment was based upon several principles. First, the Soviet Union wanted to spread socialism to all areas of the world. However, it was felt that the leadership of the Soviet Union felt no particular rush to accomplish their goal. "The Kremlin is under no ideological compulsion to accomplish its purposes in a hurry. Like the Church, it is dealing in ideological concepts which are of a long-term validity, and it can afford to be patient. (Hook and Spanier, 42)." In other words, the Soviet leadership believed that, since their ideas were the correct ones, they would eventually prevail, and thus, no direct confrontation would be…show more content…

The success of the Soviet attempt to spread communism and socialism to developing countries would be the direct opposite of the goals of containment, by giving the Soviet Union allies outside of Europe, and a large amount of natural resources to use. Thus, the United States was forced to respond by modifying foreign policy to include financial and economic assistance to developing countries. While the effect of this assistance did not in fact increase the living conditions of the general populace in the majority of these nations, its did, with a few notable exceptions, prevent them from becoming communist or socialist nations. Despite efforts to contrary by the United States, some developing nations did adopt communism, most notably North Vietnam and Cuba. In Cuba, America attempted to overthrow the communist government via a covert invasion, and when this failed, the USSR, sensing weakness and indecisiveness in the American leadership, attempted to place nuclear warheads on Cuba. The United States responded by blockading Cuba, and the USSR relented. Both the covert invasion and the later blockade were major diversions from the initial policy of non-military containment of the expansion of socialism. The creation of a communist state so physically close to the United States was of major concern

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