Case Study 2014 Icaew Syllabus

ICAEW Advanced Level modules are not available for credit for prior learning. The Case Study exam must be attempted last.

Corporate Reporting

This module covers:

  • applying technical and analytical techniques to resolve compliance and business issues arising from providing auditing services and preparing and evaluating corporate reports
  • applying technical knowledge and professional judgement to determine alternative solutions to corporate reporting issues, considering client and stakeholder needs
  • considering commercial impact and ethical issues arising from recommendations on compliance and business issues

Corporate Reporting is a 3.5 hour open book exam

Strategic Business Management

This module covers:

  • demonstrating business and ethical awareness at strategic, operating and transactional levels
  • demonstrating quantitative and qualitative skills to solve business problems and make realistic recommendations
  • applying technical knowledge, including strategic analysis, risk management, corporate governance, financial management, corporate reporting and assurance
  • requires use of technical knowledge and professional judgement to apply appropriate models, analyse data from multiple sources and develop appropriate solutions

Strategic Business Management is a 3.5 hour open book exam.

Case Study

This final module covers:

  • requires demonstration of knowledge, skills and practical application from multiple areas of the syllabus
  • tests professional skills in the context of a specific business issue
  • demands ability to analyse financial and non-financial information
  • requires demonstration of professional and ethical judgement
  • development of conclusions and recommendations required
  • relates to how students will be expected to work

The Case Study is examined with a 4 hour open book exam.

To find out more about the ICAEW Advanced Level and qualification, please visit the ICAEW website.

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