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It is argued by some people that public service should be given top priority in terms of funding than to arts .In my opinion,although, public service such as health care and transportation plays an important role in people, investment in arts sector should not be diverted away.

Firstly,health care system, a basic need to people obviously must rate top category , as long as health is good , a better productivity of a country is expected, compromising in health sector tends downfall of nation. Government should forecast a budget plan to establish more health sector not only in cities but also in urban areas.

Secondly, public transportation also plays a vital role in development of nation . Through only the means of transportation people can travel to any corner of the world, thus, funding in transportation sector helps greater movement of people throughout the nation and the world . Definitely, this can help improve the developing process of the country , exchange of goods ,employment opportunity,tourism attraction are some positive feedback of growing transportation.

On the other hand, overshadowing the value of arts via cutting off budget on this sector leads lack on preservation of our heritage and culture,eventually, these aspect of society will demolish with no existence.In addition, arts and culture are the ornaments of country that make us renown in the world, it is a source of tourist attraction through which tourist industry can flourish giving benefit to the country, moreover, arts and craft make the history stay alive to stage of generation.Therefore authority should have keen interest on this field as well.

In conclusion, although, public service has much importance in the development of country, government must equally divide the budget in all sector including arts and architecture.

Some people think it is more important to spend money on roads and motorways than on public transport systems. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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It is argued that more funds should be allocated to roads and motorways rather than to public transport systems. Personally, I find myself in a complete disagreement with this opinion.

On the one hand, I can understand why spending money on road networks gains the support of many people. Their view is that better road quality would increase the levels of safety and ease traffic congestion. Firstly, the better quality of motorways means a considerable decline in road mortality and injury rates. This is justifiable since the roads in some countries are fraught with holes and obstacles, plaguing people with danger and insecurity. In this sense, the ameliorationof poor road infrastructures would ensure the safety of travellers. Secondly, expanding roads and building more motorways are believed to curb traffic jams. Traffic congestion is major concern in big cities where massive numbers of vehicles travel on the road during hours of peak demand. This vexed problem could be tackled as wider roads provide maximum travel time in free-flowing traffic.

However, I would argue that spending on public transport is a better investment for a number of reasons. Compared to vehicles, high-capacity public transit modes can accommodate a larger number of passengers at a time. This could be exemplified by integrated and expansive public transport networks in Australia. Recent estimates indicate that each train on Sydney’s railways removes approximately 1000 cars from its roads. Therefore, a modal shift from private to public transport would tremendously alleviate urban congestion which has been considered as one of the productivity bottlenecks in developed economies. Moreover, efficient public transport systems are a contributor to a cleaner environment. By removing cars from streets, public transit plays a pivotal role in the abatement of carbon emissions. Not only does this reduce air pollution, but it also mitigates the effects of climate change as a whole.

Based on the above-mentioned arguments, I acquiesce in the view that money should be invested in public transport systems rather than road networks.


This essay is very well written. There is no serious mistake in terms of grammar and word choice, in my opinion. However, I have my reservations about the task response, as I am not sure if the second paragraph is relevant to the question. In your shoes, I would write a different essay:

·Introduction: I agree that spending on public transport is better than on the road system.

·Body 1: Benefits of allocating the public purse to public transport.

·Body 2: Drawbacks of widening the road system. 1: This merely encourages the use of private vehicles. 2: In some cities, land is scarce, so building more roads is far-fetched.


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