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Technical Education plays a vital role in human resource development of the country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life. Technical Education covers courses and programmes in engineering, technology, management, architecture, town planning, pharmacy and applied arts & crafts, hotel management and catering technology. The technical education system in the country can be broadly classified into three categories – Central Government funded institutions, State Government/State-funded institutions & Self-financed institutions. The 65 Centrally funded institution of technical and science education are as under:

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The Technical Education comes under the branch of Vocational Education which deals practically in the field of trade, commerce, agriculture, medicine & Engineering.
We are living in the modern age of science where we found Technologies in every aspect of life. What makes life so brain friendly for us simply; these are the Technologies which we use for our ease and comforts. Not only in our daily life but also in the research centre, in defensive measured of a country, biological aspects etc. No nation could generate the progress unless it promotes technical aspects in its fields. The technical education produces technicians for all type of industries and it is true that the progress of a country much depend upon its Industrialization without which a handsome economy would not be possible.
Using a technology is far easier than to develop it. For developing a technology, it needed high skill teams which have a high data for the theme. It also needed a high amount of time and also money. To fulfill all these, there must be technical institutes which must cover all the faculties of technological studies and also the support of government to support financially & to contruct it at international level. If it would be at International level then it would be easier to students to grab data in their own state so that they could do something for their own country.
Pakistan leads in the technological era. The exhibition

Vocationalisation of  Education


Job Oriented Education


Importance of Vocational Education


The education system of our country is the legacy of the colonial rule.  Probably we have not yet shake ourselves off that legacy completely.  Universities churn  out thousands of graduates and postgraduates every  year.  These men and women, after acquiring the degrees, consider themselves fit for white collared jobs only. These young people find themselves unemployed or unsuitable for many jobs.

                It is true that after spending six or seven years in a college or a university they dream of a bright future.  But had their thoughts been moulded and had they been properly guided, they would have preferred to train themselves in some field and instead of studying aimlessly they would have been earning for their families.

                Lately, this need has been felt and a number of vocational courses have been taken up by colleges.  Slowly this vocatinalisation  is picking up.  Once a student opts for a certain course, he knows his mission and future very well Instead of living in a world of make-believe, he is sure of a career. Vocational education is the need for the hour.  It trains young people for various jobs and helps them acquire specialized skills.  Majority of the young people need a job to support their families.

                Vocational education can also be termed as job-oriented education.  It help a person in becoming skilled in a particular field at a comparatively lower age.  Those who want to set up a small establishment of their own can enjoy the benefits of vocational education.

                At least there is job security in such courses.  Some industries conduct tests and take students at a young age and give them specialized training to suit the needs of the employer.  During apprenticeship these young fellow are sometimes given a small amount as salary so that they can support themselves.

                Moreover, the theory of universal syllabus for education does not suit a county like India.  Every area has its own needs and thus education into practice.  It help the youth in picking up modern methods of farming or other related traditional vocations.

                Vocational courses are becoming more and more popular every year.  The New Education policy clearly spells out that vocationalization should be introduced in schools and colleges all over the country at the +2 stage soon after ten years of schooling.  Vocation based or job-oriented course have been introduced not only at the +2 stage but also at the degree level. Several colleges in the country are running vocational courses and turning technically trained people in different fields.  The day is not far off when there will be no unemployment in the country and we shall be able to usher in an era where every head is high, where every hand is busy, where every heart is happy.

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