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Unformatted text preview: THE CHICAGO FIRE of 1871 The mid year of 1871 had been a bizarrely dry one in Chicago. In the middle of July and October, just 5 inches of downpour fell. Notwithstanding twenty-seven fires in the first week of October, on Saturday night, October 7, a burst softened out up an arranging factory on the West Side and pulverized very nearly every building in a four piece territory before it was brought under control Sunday morning. They lost a hose and other blaze battling gear, including one of seventeen steam fire motors and a hose truck. Almost 50% of Chicago's 185 fire fighters battled this blaze and numerous were on obligation throughout the day, so they were depleted when the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 struck. Some individuals surmise that the flame was begun by Mrs. O'leary's cow kicking over a lamp. Others have diverse speculations, however one thing is for sure,on the Sunday nighttime of October 8, 1871 a blast began in Mrs. O' leary's horse shelter. Daniel sullivan sat on the wooden October 8, 1871 a blast began in Mrs....
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The Great Chicago Fire

Illuminates the birth of modernism in American and the development of a radically new architecture--tested in fire, the modern city emerged

On October 8, 1871, four decades after its founding, Chicago's destiny was rewritten "with a pen of fire." In this imaginative and penetrating study, Ross Miller considers the mythic proportions of the Great Chicago Fire as the city reshaped its own tragedy into an archetype of the modern struggle against adversity.

Amid myriad eyewitness and photographic accounts of the fire, a consideration of what had actually happened was quickly subordinated to a developing narrative that attempted to resolve the city's conflicted identity into a unity. Disaster was recast as opportunity, and a period that began with catastrophic destruction ended in the triumph of the World's Columbian Exposition. Within a generation of the fire, Chicago became home to a radical new architecture, a daring new realistic fiction, literary journalism, and the new scientific study of society.

"A solid mix of scholarship and speculation. Miller has revealed to me a lot I didn't know about the struggle between civic fantasy and architectural ambition that led to the reinvention of Chicago. It's an exemplary modern tale, this careful study of catastrophe and its exploitation."--Philip Roth

"Ross Miller has written a vivid and important piece of Americana, a fine contribution to our social history. I read with pleasure and profit."--Irving Howe

"[Miller's] analysis of the meaning of the Great Fire, and of the crucial decades of rebuilding, is the kind of social/cultural history that can revive your faith in the future of criticism in America."--Frank McConnell

Ross Miller is a professor in the Department of English and the Program in Comparative Literature at the University of Connecticut at Storrs. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and in scholarly journals.

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