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Laws of Life

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Laws of Life

"Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it."(Anais Nin). This means that every person one comes in contact with has an influence on his life. One should never forget the people who go out of their way to be nice to them.
Influences others have on my life are the most important details of my life. There have been many influences on my life, three of which stand out the most, my laws of life.

One influence on my life is people. Miss Haferman is a person who has had a very great influence on my life. She was my first grade teacher.

She was the most caring and dedicated teacher I ever had and she respected every student as an individual. On the other hand, she had a very negative influence on my life. She is the person who told me there was no Santa Clause, which ruined Christmas for me for a very long time. Another person who has had a great influence on my life is Mr. Robinson. He was my first band teacher. He is the person who convinced me to join band, which
helped me make many great friends and also made school fun for me. He also taught me how to play the clarinet. Now, I love playing the clarinet and it could even get me a scolarship for college.

Another influence on my life is incidents. Moving to Tennessee was an incident that was very influential on my life. One way it was influential was losing all my old friends whom I had known my whole life. They were a big part of my life and I still regret ever losing touch with them. Moving to Tennessee was also influential because I had to make new friends, and I became less shy and more outgoing. My friends in Tennessee and my
friends in Illinois are very different, but they are all very great people.

Another influential incident in my life is going to FCHS. Going to FCHS also caused me to lose some of my friends. Even though I lost those friends, I made many friends who are really nice. I also learned alot about who my real friends are.

Society has also had a great influence on my life. Princess Diana had a great influence on my life. One of the great things she did that influenced my life was when she auctioned seventy-nine of her dresses and donated the money to charity.

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Another way she influenced my life is the way she practically donated her whole life to charities. She was always doing charity work and donating money, and I admire her very much for that.
Another person in society who has had a great influence on my life is Mother Teresa.

She took care of poor, sick, and needy people. She, like Princess Diana, gave her life to people less fortunate than her. I admire her and wish I could be more like her.

There have been many influences on my life, three of which stand out the most, my laws of life. One influence on my life is people, such as teachers and other adults. Another influence on my life is incidents, like moving to Tennessee. A third influence on my life is people in society.

Everything that happens in one's life has an influence on him. These influences are what makes up my laws of life.

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