Ocr G041 Applied Ict Homework

  1. People that have taken this exam, what were your revision methods for this and what sort of notes did you make and did you find any revision resources, because I'm finding it quite difficult to actually find any resources online


  2. Hi, i'm doing the same course and are wondering the same thing. What i personally am going to do is read through the whole booklet (You should have been given one involving case studies). I'm then going to highlight key words, and phrases throughout the booklet, learn the words, and what they mean if i don't know what these mean already.

    The reason i'm suggesting this is from what i hear from the year 13's, and my teacher the exam is very keyword specific, and if you don't use the exact word, or phrase they want you to, then you wont get the mark.

    For example using "PC" instead of "Computer" This could possibly not get you the mark.

    Good luck!

  3. Yeah, I still need to familiarise myself with the booklet a bit more I think. I did a past paper (http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications...315-h515-h715/) the other day from 2014 because I had some spare time and I think it helped a bit, the phrasing and answers seem quite generic so you may be able to find some useful stuff from doing past papers

    I agree, you need to use the phrasing from the case study, especially on Section A as they are quite specific with the marking.

    Thanks! Good luck to yourself aswell


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