Ethical Case Study Analysis 430

3 ETHICAL CASE STUDY ANALYSIS PAPER The first dilemma in the case of James is his inexperience with relationships. He has less exposure, considering he studied in a local school. He is taking this issue lightly, by considering taking his profession at his home town. This is a tricky agenda, since he believes he will make it since he knows the town. Knowing the town and solving people’s issues is two different things. This is something James has yet come to understand. James is relaying on his father, to gain his reputation, and clients. This might work, but it will be challenging to James considering he has no experience in relationships. The nature of this dilemma can be experienced from many angles. First of all, James might not give proper counselling, which might affect his clients. James might find it hard to comply with set ethical rules, and principles as set by APA and ACA (American Counseling Association, 1995). This is considering his relationship experience, and his attitude towards the counseling profession. His attitude is that counseling is a simple task, and after completing one’s internship one can become a qualified counselor. This is the wrong approach; counseling is a serious profession, which deals with people’s mindset. As for James’s girlfriend, she should take her profession serious, and disentangle from mixing relationship with profession (Haas& Malouf, 1989). James is bending the APA principle on competence as written in 1.04 (b) . Psychologists should strive to maintain high competence in their work. James should recognize the existing boundaries in regard to psychology, and various limitations. He should strive to provide services that he is well trained, educated, experienced, and qualified. This limits James from indulging in profession he is not well versed, especially regarding the counseling profession. James should

ASSIGNMENT 2: CASE STUDY: CLINICAL SUPERVISION2Clinical supervision ethically is used to help those to gain knowledge and experience, responsibility and competencies for those who are interring into the psychology field or any other field. Counselors, Therapist, psychologist and people in the medical field are people who take the time to care; they observe and listen to peoples problems. It is known that many counselors face ethical problems trying to make an ethical decision. A supervisor is a very important job given to a licensed counselor to help those in need of guidance wither it’s a client or an intern. Within this paper I will do my best to discuss the ethical issues related to the supervisor as well as those related to the supervisee/student. I will also do my best to explain the influence of my own personal values as it relates to the ethical issue which is presented in the case of Lily and Jack. And as far as the practicing clinical supervision, Interaction with supervisors and their trainees must abide by the strict ACA guidelines.Meaningful and respectful boundaries must be maintained between a counselor and their student. In an evaluation of the intern must be done by the clinical supervisor. As a clinical supervisor you must always evaluate the welfare of their intern, maintain regular and close supervision, and review their professionalism, their clinical routine cases, case notes and observations. And as a supervisor you must make sure that the student understand, know, and follow the role of the ACA codes.In the case of Lily and Jack the ethical issues in this case study is related to the supervisor which is Lily who is a licensed mental health profession that is supervising an intern by the name of Jack. Lily has to take a medical leave and decides that jack will be fine working

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